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Have you ever considered starting a blog to coincide with your business? A blog is a wondrful way to engage customers and fans, and connect them with your product or service.

Starting a blog can seem overwhelming, but trust me, it doesn't have to be! I had the honor of leading a Blogging 101 class for a SeneGence Conference in 2012, and thought that I would share some of my tips for any of you who are looking to start a blog.


Brand Yourself

-Select a name for your blog that people will remember.

-Avoid copyright issues


Select Your Blogging Platform

-Blogger: www.blogger.com

-Word Press: www.wordpress.com


Consider Purchasing Your Domain

-Blogger will give you free hosting and a free blogspot.com address, however, Word Press does not offer free hosting.

-Owning your own domain costs as little as $10/yr- I purchased mine through the Blogger platform, using Google Checkout.

-Owning your own domain helps with your branding, allows people to easily recognize your web address and remembers it, and helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


Set Up Your Blog

-Choose a theme

-Select elements such as colors, fonts, etc.

-Setting up a blog can seem scary, if you’ve never played around with web design, but it’s not as scary as it may appear to be.


Design and Installation Help

-Visit www.thecutestblogontheblock.com

-Choose from pre-designed blog templates- layouts, banners, elements, etc.

-Use their FREE blog layouts (I do!)

-Follow their many tutorials on how to set up your blog, and install backgrounds, change fonts and colors, make a custom header, etc.

-Make a custom Timeline Cover to match your blog’s theme for your Facebook page!


Design Packages

-If you’d rather not design and set up your blog yourself, you can pay a professional to do it for you!

-Little Bee Marketing: http://littlebeemarketing.com- Custom designs for blogs, FB pages, graphics, mobile pages, and more!


Must-Have Elements for Any Blog

-Social Media Bar

-About Me section

-Contact Info

-Visible Archive to Past Blog Posts

-Ways for other to ‘Follow’ Your Blog

-Comment Section

-Lots of photos


Best Blogging Practices

-Abide by the Blog With Integrity code of ethics

-Blog often: daily, if possible

-Make a blogging calendar or schedule and stick to it


Treat Your Blog as Your Website

-Make a warm, welcoming homepage that will make others want to keep coming back.

-Add ‘tabs’ or pages to your blog. Some ideas for pages include:


About the Company/Product

Monthly Customer/Hostess Specials

Host a Party/Schedule a Demo

Calendar (list dates available for party, etc)


Special Services (Do you offer something like a makeup session for bridal photos, prom, etc?)







-Your blog will not grow (ie: gain followers), if you don’t network.

-Visit and follow other blogs. Leave comments on others blog posts, and ask for a follow back (leave your blog address) within your comment.

-Don’t discount Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter! If you have a blog, you need a FB page! You don’t have to have a Twitter account, but it is helpful, as Twitter reaches a whole new audience.

-Connect with your audience!


Link Accounts

You can easily link your blog to your Facebook page, and link your Facebook page to your Twitter account. Update your blog by posting- your post will then post to your FB page, and your Twitter account- killing three birds with one stone!


Helpful Tools

Photobucket (www.photobucket.com) -for editing graphics and photos

Hootsuite (www.hootsite.com)- for managing social media accounts




For Questions, Help, etc...

Contact me!


E-mail: [email protected]

Follow my blog: http://www.mommysblockparty.com

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